Let’s beat coronavirus and explore new opportunities together: CogniCAD Fights COVID-19 Action

The best three designs will be printed by

Here at ParaMatters we believe that in difficult times people should gather together and everyone should contribute. We are willing to contribute to Engineering, 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing and Designers community. 

So here we are, what we do best is Topology Optimization, Generative Design and Advanced Manufacturing software solution, and we have decided to make CogniCAD available to you for remaining safe at home and improve the productivity of your smart working. CogniCAD is a perfect solution for effective remote work, while leveraging from available massive cloud computing, the most advanced and modern algorithms allowing generation of unprecedented design quality.

For the first 500 requests on our website we will activate Basic CogniCAD accounts with 50 complimentary  tokens to allow you to generate and optimize your parts, and enjoy the incredible features of CogniCAD.

Please use this LINK to create or load tokens to your CogniCAD account:

CogniCAD flow is very intuitive and easy to use:

  • Create a Design Space in any CAD system and import into CogniCAD in .STEP/.STP format.
  • Please note when you prepare an initial STEP file prior importing into CogniCAD, this should be an assembly:
    • non-design areas laying inside design domain and STEP is exported as an assembly - the CAD model should be built in parts assembly environment, NOT in a multibody environment.
    • make sure all parts are solid bodies and watertight.
    • An example can be found HERE
  • Import STEP in CogniCAD and follow the flow - define material properties, design and non-design regions, loads and design goals.

To make it fun, please show us your optimized file - you will be able to make your designs visible on ParaMatters website. We are partnering up with Nexa3D and the best 3 models will be printed on Nexa3D NXE 400 printer and shipped to you.

Let’s beat Corona Virus and explore new opportunities together: CogniCAD Fight CoronaVirus Action.

And stay safe.

Race car wheel centre

Akash Porwal

corona test motor holder comp25% sym 2lc

carmel oron

Heat_sink_t20191109 (Copy) (Copy)

Salvador Dali


Andy Warhol

Vase V03

Dominique Muller


Roger Nobel

Vase V03 (Copy)

Dominique Muller

Bike_VPP (Copy) (Copy)

Itzik K.Katalan




Patel Shukla


Joseph Grant


Fatih Aruk

Assem1_Fixed (Copy)


Driveshaft Flange Yoke

Ben Meuth


roy yehu

Steering knuckle

Anchal .

Generative GE Bracket - Fixed

Harry Allinson

assembly for paramatters

Giovanni Bansie

Generative Face Shield

Marios Levi

Knuckle V0 Test 1 AI Driven

Gonzalo Perez Chomon


Soham Mulay

Knuckle V1 Test1

Gonzalo Perez Chomon

top plate export fixed

Robert Cassidy


carmel oron

OpenBikeFrame 26" wheel

Issara Sramala


CREAT3D Training

g-clamp (Copy)

CREAT3D Training


Christian Lundgaard

Assieme ingrassatore

Alfonso Miani


Andrew Romanick


Andrew Romanick


sand roo