The Most Powerful Generative
Design Software

ParaMatters technology outperforms other generative solutions.
It really works.

Designed in CogniCAD™ - ParaMatters software

Superior Performance Ready to manufacture STL STEP Up to 60% lighter design than other software

CogniCAD is for engineers and designers who actually need generative design to solve the toughest problems


Car suspension design by ParaMatters for Mini Cooper, 47% weight reduction


Manifold lightweighted design by ParaMatters - 56% weight reduction. Extra high resolution, 60M elements


ECOSSE motorcycle engine mount bracket designed by ParaMatters - 35% weight reduction


Femur bone - Meso-Structural design by ParaMatters

Auto-generates parts for real-world engineering with built-in FEA

  • Design for stress, stiffness, deformation and vibrations constraints
  • High fidelity designs and unprecedented FEA resolution
  • Smooth and watertight models ready for AM and automatic conversion to CAD

Design with confidence

CogniCAD™ by ParaMatters is the only generative software product with a fully automated workflow based on in-house developed topology optimization, high resolution finite element analysis and computational geometry, that requires no manual adjustment or reconstruction.

Designs generated by CogniCAD™ satisfy all design requirements and are ready for manufacturing within tens of minutes up to few hours.

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About us

ParaMatters was founded by world-class experts in topology optimization, computational mechanics, CAD, additive manufacturing and artificial intelligence.

The ParaMatters team is a blend of brilliant researchers, highly skilled engineers and an additive manufacturing guru.

Our structural, mechanical and software engineers bring decades of experience in automotive, aerospace, medical and software industries.

Our team includes a world-class expert and pioneer in additive manufacturing.